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Taxes and Fees in Georgia

Land Plots in Georgia

All land plots In Georgia are divided according to their intended purpose: Agricultural Appointment and NOT Agricultural Appointment.

Amount of state fee

In Georgia, ownership property registration is possible only in the Houses of Justice (Ministry of Justice of Georgia). This thing was made to maximize the security of 100% of real estate transactions. You need a passport for registration.

The amount of the state fee charged for registering your property and issuing an identity card depends on the deadline for execution and is:

You will be immediately notified by SMS and email about the completion of operation.

An extract from the Register of Property Rights for real estate can be obtained by all who wish in electronic form at the official website of the State Register of Georgia.

Purchase, sale and registration of real estate

  1. Conclusion of the Contract of sale of a real estate object between the Seller and the Buyer. This contract is formalized and registered in the House of Justice (Ministry of Justice of Georgia).
  2. Payment by the Buyer to the account of the Seller, according to the concluded Contract. Payment is made in any convenient way (cash or non-cash payment).
  3. Registration of the property right of the Buyer to the real estate object, on the basis of the concluded Contract and the made Payment. Registration is registered in the House of Justice (Ministry of Justice of Georgia).

The Government of Georgia annually improves the investment climate in Georgia and foreign investors are showing ever increasing interest in real estate in Georgia. Local laws freely allow foreign citizens to buy any real estate in private ownership, foreigners do not need to specify sources of income, which is compulsory for Georgian citizens.

Investment Safety

Your investments are fully protected by the current legislation. According to the level of the index of economic freedom, Georgia ranks 5th among 185 countries of the world. According to the level of the security index, Georgia ranks third among 185 countries in the world. The guarantee of the reliability and safety of the invested funds is the registration of the property in the ownership of the investor.

Communal payments

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