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Gambling Business in Georgia

Gambling Business Regulator

The regulator of gambling business is the Tax Service of Georgia. The Tax Service of Georgia takes control over gambling activities, issues and revokes licenses.

Gambling Fees and Taxes

Kobuleti: Bets Offices

Licensing of ground-based gambling establishments

Fees and taxes depend on the location and type of activity of the company. For example, the annual fee for a casino in Tbilisi is 5,000,000 lari ($ 2,000,000), and the annual fee for the reception of bets in Kobuleti is 80,000 lari ($ 34,000) per year.

Gambling licenses in Georgia

The issuance of licenses for the Bookmaker's office (Sport Bet Points) is carried out either free of charge after 20 days, or in an accelerated mode for an additional fee.

Documents required to obtain a license for the Bookmaker Office:

Communal payments

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